Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Beginnings...So, of course, we need a new blog. ;)

So, I decided to start a new blog completely devoted to documenting our adventure down in West Monroe.  I'm going to try to give updates a few times a week, even if they are a paragraph long saying, "Yes, we're still doing good" and "No, we haven't killed each other yet." ;)

The past week has been crazy busy.  Dustin headed back down here last Tuesday, and then I came down on Thursday (after spending two straight days doing nothing but homework and packing).  We spent the weekend getting settled in the apartment.  We didn't bring any furniture down, but we brought all of our clothes and other necessities.  We got Dustin's office set up (in the dining area), and we got all unpacked and settled in.  We printed off a ton of pictures, so, as promised, those cute little blonde-haired heads are all over the place.  We got some simple furniture and decor, but it's helping make the place a little more homey.  I have strict instructions to not "girly" the place up too much, so I guess a few candles and pictures frames will have to suffice. ;)  I"ll get some pictures taken tomorrow and post them.

As far as the business side of things, we're plugging right along.  Dustin gave his first proposal by himself today, so that was exciting.  Dustin's doing a great job of getting his name out there and getting to know people in the community.  I get so proud when he comes home from a meeting beaming.  He really loves what he does...and it shows.  I love that man... :)

As for me, school is starting to take over.  Lots of reading and lots of writing (who would have thought for an English major, right?).  But of course, I love it.  Dustin and I are getting into a routine (which includes exercising in the gym at the apartment complex!), so that's helping. 

We'll be home this weekend for the Wilkinson wedding (I can't believe my Brooke is getting married!!!), so we're excited to see everyone.  I'll keep everyone updated of when we'll be home next, and we'll do our best to see as many people as we can while home.  We also love to Skype! 

I know it's not an enthralling update, but I'm pooped and still have the last several chapters of Hoot to read tonight for my young adult lit class (I guess I can't complain too much when my homework is to read fun novels, huh?). 

Oh, I'm going to try to do a cheesy "pic of the day" kind of thing to give some visuals of our new life down here.  Here's the first pic of the day:

My Nightstand 

I've always loved having nice, cute, organized nightstands.  So of course, a nightstand was the first thing I bought when I got down here.  After donning it with all the bedroom necessities (inspirational books, jewelry, smelly candles, love), I really started to feel more at home.  Now, if I can only talk the guys into letting me bring Izzy down here...


  1. Hey Kim...

    Sounds like you're doing great! We all miss you here though. I really enjoyed your blog...keep it up. :-)

    Brenda Shadow

  2. Thanks, Brenda!! I'll be posting on here a lot, so keep in touch!! I miss you girls, too!! :)