Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Photos of Our Fun Satuday!

So I got on Dustin's phone and found some more pictures I'd like to share.  I was excited that he got a good one of this guy:

 I didn't get a good shot of the emu, so I'm glad he did.  I love emus...such odd little birds.

Pretty shot of the river-walk.  Dustin uses the "Hipstamatic" app on his phone, so his pics look all cool and trendy.  Perhaps I need to start using it more...

Relaxin by the river.

Pretty buildings down town.

Fair!! What a good shot, good job, Bu!

The city of Monroe has their own portable stage...pretty sweet!

Hmmm...something's not quite right here... ;)

Ok, that's all.  Just wanted to share more pictures with you.  Love and miss you all!

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