Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cliché New Years Post

So yes, I believe it's time. Time for the clichéd "out with the old, in with the new" post where I talk about how thankful I am for the new year and what I resolve to do differently in 2012. As cheesy as I think it is, I defer to the cliche this year due to how extremely difficult the past 12 months has been. Bad decisions with severe consequences. Family disputes. Spiritual wreckings. Divisions between those I love. Misconceptions. Misunderstandings. Ignorance. Scholastic and career challenges. Etc. I was tested to the max physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is by far the hardest year of my life. And I've gone through a divorce and sexual assault in past years.

To continue with the clichés, what didn't kill me made me stronger. Therefore, this year is a record in growth and strength as well. Despite the challenges, I am stronger today than I have ever been in my life. I'm the person I always hoped I would be. And I'm almost as strong as I know I can be.

This year was really really hard. And if you're close to me, you know how and why. And if you're really close to me, you know how hurt I was throughout the year. And I know how hurt you were. And it was the worst kind of hurt there is. The kind of hurt that turns your world upside down. The kind of hurt that takes all joy out of your life. The all encompassing, mind consuming hurt.

But luckily, what's stronger than the hurt is the love. The love that can be shared despite differences and disagreements. The unconditional, "I love you and will be there for you no matter what" kind of love. The love that forgives all wrongdoings and offenses. And the love that yearns for unity and reunion. To forget about differences and the past. To be thankful for the blessing one is to another. To be the complete embodiment of love to another. To live each moment loving in the now, for the past and the future do not exist. All that exists is now, so let's do our best to make our "nows" the best we can. Let's do everything in our ability to create the reality we long for in every area of our lives. We can't wait for something to change or someone to meet our expectations before we're able to just let it all go and create the future we want. We must take action. We must make sure the answer is yes to every question of "Is what I'm about to do going to be done in love?" and "Is this helping me create my deepest desire of what I want to experience in life?". If the answers are no or maybe, then we have some major soul searching to do. Always act in love. It really is that simple. The past does not exist. The future is not known. So why waste time obsessing over them? All we have is now. And all we need is love.

I resolve to love more. That may sound vague, but if I apply it to every area of my life which causes stress or gives me problems, I will grow in all areas and overcome all challenges.

All we have is the now.

All thoughts and actions should align with the reality that you want to experience now or the future that you want to create.

All things should be done in love. Bottom line.

I have great hopes for 2012. Hopes of much love and joy. So much it makes me smile just thinking about it. :)

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  1. you love so much already, the world may implode if you start to love more!!