Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We live in North Carolina!!!!

We did it! We packed up our entire home in a Uhaul (barely...I'm good at underestimating how much stuff I own) and we drove 12 hrs to our adorable and perfect cabin in Black Mountain, NC. The drive was...ok. I almost became a two-time divorcee a few times, but we made it. ;)

Seriously though, things couldn't have gone better. My husband and I freaking rock and are so good together. He's my best friend and partner in this journey, and sometimes I sit in awe of the love we share. He's my love. My Bu. This move has done nothing but make us stronger and closer. And grateful! We were both near tears last night sitting out on the deck under the mountain stars. When we think about how amazing and happy our lives are, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and often times don't feel deserving.

We definitely have our work cut out for us over the next several weeks. But we are filled with such energy and enthusiasm that we view the situation not as "how are we going to make this work???" but rather, "how are we going to be used here?". This is such an amazing community and we both are going to have the opportunity to get involved in things and literally do whatever we want. There's so many options!

I actually had a job interview yesterday with a local junk removal/recycling company who is now opening a thrift store of sorts selling all re-purposed, refurbished used furniture. They're really active in the community by giving away a lot of furniture to families in need, and they have the opportunity to expand even more. I go back for a second interview on Friday, so I'll give more details after that. But keep me in your thoughts!

Long story short, we are extremely excited to be here and can't wait to see what good we can offer the community. We're both really keeping our employment options open and just seeing what opportunities come up as we explore the community.

And being with the boys...oh my goodness. This little cabin has been filled with so much joy the past two days. I love waking up to cuddles from Julien (who has decided he now wants to be called "Jax", haha). He came in this morning and just wrapped his arms around me and said, "I love you my little snowball!" then threw his head back for that ha ha ha Julien laugh. Then he ran out and ran back in a minute later crying, "I just wanna hold you!" and attacked me with a hug. :) I mean, who can complain when they get to wake up to that cuteness in the morning? ;)

Well, there's no Internet at the cabin and barely any cell signal, so my Internet availability will be sparse. I'll make it to a coffee shop with some wifi here soon so I can update more.

Thank you all so much for all your thoughts, prayers, and support!! Our hearts can feel all that love! :)

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