Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Calling on My Angels - It's Baby-Making Time!

I’ve been trying for about a year and a half to get pregnant.  Dustin had his vasectomy reversal in April 2011, and we’ve been letting nature take its course since then.

Over the last month or so, I’ve felt that it’s very close.  I’ve been praying and meditating over my belly regularly, releasing all the fear, doubt, and worry I have about not being able to get pregnant.

Due to my history of ovarian problems and Dustin’s vasectomy, I haven’t had the most positive thoughts on us getting pregnant, and I now know that that is the reason for not getting pregnant.

I had an amazing, enlightening talk with my dear friend Julie who I believe to be divinely inspired.  She’s very into astrology, so she gave me and Dustin our astrological forecast for this year of our lives.  It’s amazing and almost hard to believe how dead on a lot of what she said was.  As she was looking over mine, she laughed and said, “You guys better be careful over the next couple months if you don’t want to have a baby…”

“Well,” I said, “what if we do want to have a baby?”

“Then this is prime baby-making time!” she exclaimed.  As we talked more about our interest in getting pregnant, she was able to view our cards through that lens and said that the heavens are definitely on our side due to all the baby cards showing up.

She later said that some psychics can actually see the aura of a baby on the outside of a woman’s body when a woman is trying to get pregnant.  She said it’s mostly due to the mother not fully opening herself up to the idea of pregnancy, so the baby is just waiting on the sidelines, wanting to be born.  Toward the end of our talk, she told me that she felt there was a baby present with me already, though she didn’t want to say anything to get my hopes up in case she was mistaken.

The thing that stood out to me most was toward the end when we were hugging and saying goodbye.  She said that she’s feeling led to tell me to ask for angels.  That if Dustin and I believe in angels and heavenly beings, to ask for their help and support as we try to get pregnant.  The first thing that came to my mind is the group of amazing ladies on the Living Love Tour who they call themselves “angels”.

I also started to think about how everyone in my life could be considered an angel.  I’ve been considering writing a blog for some time now about my pregnancy journey.  My doubts and fears, my hopes and aspirations.  When you’ve wanted something so badly your entire life, your greatest fear becomes the idea of not being able to have it.  So I’ve held onto a LOT of fear about pregnancy.  I’ve always held back from posting things because I don’t want to be seen as having the “woe is me – I can’t get prego” attitude, but I feel like it's time to talk about my feelings and ask for help.

I now feel called to ask my angels for help.  And all of you are my angels.  I believe in the power of positive thoughts, energy, and collective consciousness, so I figure it couldn’t hurt to get all of you wonderful people focusing on loving thoughts for me and my future baby.  I believe in angels, and I believe in miracles.  We all have the power of creation within us, so I ask for your help and support in creating this pregnancy.

So if you could, just stop what you’re doing right now and send me a loving prayer, thought, or blessing.  

Pray for my body, that it be prepared and healthy to carry a child.  Pray for the future baby of mine.  Visualize lots of pink for a girl! ;)  

Especially all you mothers out there who have experienced pregnancy and have a little baby of your own.  Take the love of motherhood that you feel and send it my way as a wish for me.

I believe that I can have a baby, and I believe that the time is coming soon.  My life is perfect and stable for starting a family, and it’s time for me to let go of my fear, doubt, and worry and let that baby in!

Thank you, my angels, for your help! J



  1. The first time my husband and I got pregnant I had a miscarriage, so when I was pregnant with my son I created a sort of spiritual blanket to keep us safe. I now have a beautiful son and daughter, and I recently realized that I am still wearing that blanket even though I don't need it anymore. I am taking it off right now and giving it to you.

  2. Thank you so much Rachel! You have no idea how much that means to me. :)