Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yay Internets!

My Writing Desk and new Lappy :)

I'm so excited to finally have internet at the house!  And that I have a new laptop!  It will make blogging much easier since I won't have to leave the house, can do it in my pjs, and have a computer that actually functions properly. :)

So yes, thanks to student loans, I got a MacBook Pro.  I figured, what the hell, why not.  Nikki's had her MacBook for 6 years and it still works perfectly.  I've had my Dell for 4, and it's going downhill fast.  The battery doesn't hold a charge, it freezes up and shuts off randomly, the screen doesn't stay in place, etc, etc. Not good for a writer/student.  So the upgrade was needed.

Speaking of my writer/student role, things are going well so far.  I got off to a bit of a rough start, but am finally all caught up and on track.  I still haven't decided what to work on for my main piece in my writing course. I'm playing around with the idea of writing a sci-fi short story, but we'll see.  I've never attempted fiction before, so it's a little daunting.

Some good news - Nikki got the job!  Tyler hired her yesterday and today is her first day at the shop. :) She's technically part-time for now, but her hours will be pretty heavy.  Tyler still wants to keep his options open for a new manager, and honestly, I think he's kind of enjoying himself running the store. :)  But he still had to hire someone because Sunday was CJ's last day.  He and his girlfriend, the adorable Jen, are moving to Brevard which is about an hour away.  And he got a new job working on a farm like he dreamed, so they're really happy!  So Nikki will take over CJ's full-time shop hours for now.  We're all really happy and thankful and excited for this new opportunity for her.

In other random, up to date news:

There's still no word on my wedding ring (but I'm not giving up hope!), so I got a new ring to wear on my wedding finger.  Thanks to the $25 case at Himalayan Imports downtown, I have a beautiful silver and lapis ring.  I didn't know much about lapis before buying it, I just thought it was a pretty stone.  But after doing some research, it's kind of the perfect stone for me as far as my whole "spiritual journey" blogging goes. And I keep hearing that blue is a good color for writing and creativity, so it's perfect. :)

The music-making stuff is going well!  We recorded a song with Morgan on Friday that a friend of hers is putting on a project for grad school in music technology (or something like that).  It was SUPER duper fun and I loved every second of it!  AND we officially have a show booked for Fri. March 8 at Firestorm in Asheville.  So so pumped. :)

My new schedule has really enabled me to get a little more settled in our little home.  I've become quite obsessed with Feng Shui and am working on a post with pictures of my newly feng-shui(ed) living room. :)  Gecky is still doing great.  He sure does love fruitflies.

All in all, I'm pretty happy and life's pretty awesome. :)



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