Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All Day Teacher Training = A Welcomed Break

I found out last night that I would be in teacher training all day today which, to be honest, was like the hallelujah chorus to my ears.  The past week has been rough, so a day spent away from my students was a welcomed break.  I felt bad for that sub, though...

The day was surprisingly nice.  The training was informative and helpful, albeit a little generic and boring at times.  And it was nice to get to hang out with some of the other teachers all day.  I'm finally getting to know some people, and I've almost learned everyone's name.  I'd come close to saying that I might just have myself some teacher friends!  ;)

I am thankful to finally start to feel more comfortable at the school.  I'm getting used to the routine and all of the various policies and rules.  I know who everyone is and who I need to talk to for help or advice (and whose advice not to take...).  Two new teachers have been hired on since me (crazy, right?!) - a math and an ELA - so I'm not the "rookie" anymore.  The principals and other teachers are starting to respect and trust me more, as well as the students.  It's a daily struggle, but they are starting to realize that I'm not going anywhere and I mean business.  My classroom is finally all settled (for the most part), and my teaching and lessons are getting into a routine and more organized.  I'm definitely feeling more confident. :)

One a side note, I take two PRAXIS tests this Saturday - English Content and English Pedagogy.  (I take a third in January - Principles of Learning and Teaching 7-12 Grade.)  I have to receive a qualifying score on both in order to get my teaching license and keep my job, so there's just a little bit of pressure. ;)  I feel prepared and ready, though, so hopefully it will go well!  I'll keep you posted!


Oh, and PS - Surprisingly, the sub said the day wasn't too bad.  I had to come up to the room a few times, and they seemed fairly controlled.  I was really taken aback by how the students treated me when the sub was there, though.  They all acted like they LOVED me, super friendly, doing what I asked them to...crazy.  I even had one student, who normally acts as though he utterly loathes me and my class and that smiling or saying anything nice would just shatter his existence, was all concerned first period when he saw a sub because he thought I was leaving. I could tell by his face that he was genuinely concerned.  I was so shocked, I called him out on it.  "What do you care?" I asked in confusion.  "You act as though you completely hate me!"  He just laughed (which I've never heard him do unless he's in the hallway with friends or joining in on the class while they laugh at me as I get angry...) and went, "Nah, Miss Allen, you're cool!"  Sigh...I swear, it feels like I'm in the Twilight Zone sometimes... :)

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