Monday, June 25, 2012

I just love it when things work out :)

So remember how I was talking yesterday about needing to find a furnished place for the month of July within the next two days?  Well, guess what happened just a couple hours after I posted that yesterday?! :)

The lady who owns this little cottage in the mountains saw this ad that I posted on Craigslist for me and Dustin about how we needed a place to stay for July.  So she is renting it to us for the same amount we would pay for rent at the apartment we lined up. :) YAY!!!!

And this was definitely one of those things that are just meant to be and perfect.  First off, the lady who called me was amazing and super sweet!  She is from Wisconsin and lives in the cottage with her daughter.  They are leaving for the month to go visit her family in WI, so she wants to rent her cottage out to someone she can trust to respect her things.  She said she saw my ad and could just tell from reading it that we were good people and she wanted to help us out!  She said that she normally likes to meet the people before she rents out her cottage, but she said that she could just tell over the phone that I was really sweet and that she just felt good about the situation!  How awesome is that?!

So here's the amazingness of this cottage.  First off, it's in the mountains, so that makes it a winner right there.  But it's also close enough to town and doesn't require driving on crazy steep, curvy mountain roads.  (Which we drove on last time we were in NC looking at houses...It's a little unsettling to look out your window when driving and just see about five feet of road to the side of you and then just a cliff and tall trees everywhere.  I think I get that tiny fear of heights from my momma...)  The cottage is all artsy with pretty bright colors and pieces of art decorating the walls.  She's musical, too, so she said there's a couple of guitars laying around.  It has a garden and fire pit, and close to TONS of hiking trails.  She said she has tons of hiking gear and packs that we are welcome to use.  She also has an arts and craft station in her kitchen, and she said to help ourselves to any of it and get creative!  She said she was going to take all the family pictures down so that we would just feel like it's our place and feel at home.  She also said she'd clear out a closet for us and a couple of drawers in her dresser.  (How sweet is that?!)

Last, but certainly not least, there is a Migun Therapeutic Massage bed in the cottage.  (Don't worry, I had never heard of it. either.)  Here's a commercial for one:

So yeah, we're going to have a fabulous month.  All of this stress is wreaking havoc on our backs and necks, so it will be fantastic to have something like this to use everyday.  Absolute.Heaven.

I'm just blown away with how awesome and accommodating the owner is.  She seems like a super awesome, down-to-earth lady, so this arrangement could lead to us making some new friends. :)

We both feel very good today now that we have some plans set and something to look forward to.  We're looking forward to enjoying our last week in Monroe, and then starting this new adventure!

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