Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things I Will Miss About Louisiana - Part II

Our Sweet Little Neighbor Puppy

Onto the next thing that will make me cry when I say goodbye – our sweet little neighbor puppy, Sadie.

She won our hearts quickly because she’s a love bug and sadly neglected.  She used to belong to the man that lived next door.  But when the man left his wife, he couldn’t take his dogs with him, so he had to leave Sadie and her sister (a golden retriever) behind.  The golden retriever died from a heartworm infection right before we moved in.  So Sadie was abandoned with the woman who rarely feeds her and never gives her any attention.  So we sneak food out to her pretty much regularly (along with our other neighbor who shares a fence with her). 

She has a problem of digging under the fences and getting into our backyards.  One night, we opened up the back door and found Sadie on our back porch, sniffing around.  We decided to just let her in and give her some love for the night.  We gave her some food and water, brushed her, and even gave her a bath and clipped her nails.  Then we all cuddled on the couch for a bit before Murphy started getting all territorial, and he and Sadie started to fight.  (There was a previous time where we let Sadie into the backyard to play one night, and it ended Sadie biting Murphy's butt.  Not vicious, mean biting, but just "leave me the hell alone" biting.  So we wanted to avoid any further confrontations.)  

She really is a sweetheart.  Whenever I go outside, she comes running to the fence and runs back and forth (hoping I'm bringing her food) like this: 

And even when I don't have food for her, she's still all adorable like this: (pardon my baby talk - I'm one of "those" people when it comes to animals...)

Side-note, I find it awesome that her coat matches Izzy and Murphy.  I guess I just attract orange and white dogs. J

It just breaks my heart to see her outside and alone 24/7. :(  If we could handle three dogs, I would totally puppynap her and take her with us to North Carolina.  She can be a mountain puppy.

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