Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's next?!

I was journaling last night about needing to surrender to this move to NC.  To "let go and let god" and trust that everything is going to work out perfectly.  (My mind/anxiety has been jam-packed with house and job hunting...)  Looking back through my journal, I had the same feelings about the move to LA.  I had faith and trusted that we were meant to go in order for us to become the people we want to be.  It was all part of the "grand plan", if you will.

And what happened while I was in Louisiana?

I was given the opportunity to teach in a situation I never would have had otherwise.  There's always been this part of me that wanted to work with inner-city youth, and there I was, in the midst of it.  Making change and progress within the four walls of my classroom.  I got to experience that which I've always wanted and always known I could do!

And it's an experience I will never forget.  It didn't just help me become a better teacher, it helped me become a better person.  My students taught me more about patience and compassion than I ever could have expected.  I thought I knew a lot about positive living and always showing love.  But it was an entirely different ballgame at Carroll Junior High.  It was a life lesson that I am proud to say I passed.  It was very bittersweet leaving there.  Though it was difficult and challenging, I really think I would have done some good things if I stayed there another year.

But I guess I'm meant to be elsewhere. :)

So bring it on, NC!  What amazing thing that I've always wanted to experience is waiting for me??!  You know me, I'm always up for a challenge.

I actually see lots of amazing things that I've always wanted to experience happening. :)

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